Jimmy Vee Unboxes A Vent Figure Owned By Johnny Main

July 11, 2017

A Special Ventriloquist Figure Comes To The Dummy Blog

Hey everybody it’s me Jimmy Vee coming at you from TheDummyBlog.com here in Orlando, Florida. Dummy Blog Studios is bringing you another ventriloquist dummy unboxing and we’re going to show you what’s inside this box.

This guy has on a nice vintage tuxedo and check out the hands. You might be able to guess the figure maker by looking at these hands. They are a give-a-way if you know your dummies… Marshall hands. That’s right, this is a Frank Marshall ventriloquist.

Frank Marshall was the most prolific figure maker his day. He is also responsible for creating an entire style of figure the “Nosey” cheeky boy and some of his creations are pop culture classics like Jerry Mahoney and Danny O’Day.

When we take a look at the head stick you’ll see the Marshall signature chopstick like levers show. This figure has moving mouth, side-to-side, self-centering, eyes, winker/blinkers, an upper lip smile and Marshall’s goofy cross eye feature.

So this figure was formerly owned by the great Johnny Main. Johnny’s main figure was named Archie and Johnny always bought a backup of his main-stay figures. When Johnny got the first version of Archie he only used it a short time before the backup Archie arrived from Frank.

The figures were not identical and Johnny preferred the look and animations of the backup figure so he made Archie number 2 the main Archie and put the original Archie aside for back up. The original Archie is also here in my collection along with several other of Johnny’s performing figures.

This Archie and Archie 2 were both formerly part of the Ventriloquist Center collection. This Archie (Archie 2) was restored by Ray Guyll.

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