40 Year Old Alan Semok Ventriloquist Dummy Unboxed

December 18, 2021
Watch Jimmy Vee Unbox this 40 Year Old Alan Semok Ventriloquist Dummy

Alan Semok was an amazing guy and a good friend. He was known in the ventriloquist community as The Dummy Doctor. He build puppets and dummies for Film and Television. He even built the dummy Adrian Brody used in the film “Dummy.”

He also repaired and restored figures in his workshop. For a short time he offered a line of figures to the vent community. There’s so much to say about this amazing and talented guy.

I’ve always loved Alan’s figures. They were basic and simple and beautiful. To me there are what you think about when you think about a ventriloquist dummy. The quintessential dummy.

So when Alan’s nephew reached out to me to let me know he had a figure that Alan had made and and gave to him 40 years ago I was excited and intrigued. He said it had be stored away for 40 years. His grandmother has sewed the legs of the puppet. What a great story.

Needless to say. I’m so excited to have this Semok in The Dummy Blog collection.

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