Jimmy Vee Unboxes Hartz Head-In-A-Box Genii

July 9, 2017

A Conrad Hartz Head-In-The-Box Ventriloquist Figure

Jimmy Vee here with TheDummyBlog.com bringing you another unboxing today. A new a figure… well kind of a figure.

Today we’re going to unbox a Conrad Hartz head-in-the-box. This is not something that you see everyday. In fact, I’ve only seen a handful of these before and I’ve seen fewer for sale. I was lucky enough to be able to pick this one up.  

I’m excited to see it, so let’s get to it. The box the dummy hides in has been stained a cherry red color. It has a nice brass handle here at the top with some antiquing effect on it. With the handle you can pick up the whole box and carry it around.

When you open up the door, you’ve got this classic Conrad Hartz genie head in the box. He’s got the moving mouth and this is unique, this one has moving eyes as well. So it’s got moving eyes and moving mouth. There’s a nice black felt lining here to create a black art type effect that makes it looks as if his head is floating in mid air. There some nice leather accent down around the neck in a lavender color.  He has a  jewel in the center of his forehead and he has a gold headwrap with some nice upholstery tacks.

It has really beautiful paint. It’s a total classic Conrad Hartz head in the box. This head was made back in 2001. It’s a real find and I’m glad to have it here in The Dummy Blog Studio.

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