Ventriloquist Dummy by Alan Semok Unboxed

July 23, 2018

This is a gorgeous ventriloquist figure made by “The Dummy Doctor” Alan Semok. Alan has been making figures for over 50 years.

His projects have included work for: the late PAUL WINCHELL (American ventriloquism giant), ROY CLARK (country music great), KEVIN SPACEY and ADRIEN BRODY (academy award winners), the estate of the late KEN KESEY (literary legend and counterculture hero), TIM ROBBINS (acclaimed actor and director), and the late BUFFALO BOB SMITH (EarlyTV pioneer & creator of Howdy Doody).

He’s a master and I personally love his style and his figures. I spent many years drooling over figures in his online catalog. Today, I have several Semok figures in The Dummy Blog Collection and they are some of my favorite figures to use.

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