A Major Pain in the Butt is Unboxed by Jimmy Vee

December 27, 2021

www.TheDummyBlog.com — This is an unusual unboxing because I’m not opening a traditional, hard ventriloquist figure but a soft figure instead. I don’t have a ton of soft puppets, but I do have a few and I actually use them more than most of my hard figures.

I also like to have soft version of all the traditional figures I use in shows so that I can travel with them easily and not worry about them getting banged up.

This puppet is Barry Gordemer’s version of my Major Hardwood character that was made by Chance Wolf. I used Chance’s Rocko figure and had a custom military outfit made for him and created the character of Major Hardwood the Social Media Drill Sargent.

Barry has made puppets for television and film and celebrities and lots and lots of ventriloquists. His work is amazing and gorgeous. I love his characterization and his construction. The puppets are easy and fun to work and make a big impact on stage from the first second.

Barry also made my Kreskin The Fortune Telling Chicken (KFC) Puppet.

You can visit Barry at http://www.handemonium.com/

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