Martin Stevens Tribute Ventriloquist Figure

July 23, 2018

One of my favorite figures in the Vent Haven Museum is Eddie O’Connor made by Martin Stevens (more on Martin in a minute). This ventriloquist figure is a tribute to that puppet. It was carved by ventriloquist figure maker Dennis Hall and painted by figure maker Mike Palma. A powerhouse collaboration.

Martin Stevens (1904-1983) was a puppeteer who toured and performed with his wife Olga. In 1937, he became the very first President of the Puppeteers of America. This ventriloquist figure, “Eddie 0’Connor,” is one of only six ventriloquist figures believed to have been created by Martin Stevens.

“Eddie O’Connor” was sold to dealer Fred Maher (1896-7952) in the 1930s and then in 1943 became the partner of Minneapolis-born ventriloquist, Earl Estenson¬†(1926-1,996) who later became known as Dick Weston.

Dick Weston is one of the ventriloquists that inspired me to want to be a vent. I loved this characterization, puppets and humor.

“Eddie 0’Connor” is crafted in wood dough.

Eddie is now resides in the Vent Haven Museum.


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