Jimmy Vee Shows Off Chance Wolf’s Palm Puppets

September 5, 2016

Hey everybody it’s Jimmy Vee from TheDummyBlog.com coming at you here with something a little different. It’s the Palm Puppets by Chance Wolf. We debuted these at conVENTion 2016. It’s a ventriloquist dummy you can fit in the palm of your hand.

We introduced the Mini-Marshall and the Mini-McElroy Palm Puppet. They have beautifully drawn graphics that make them look like their larger older brothers. This is the only McElroy you can come close to for this price.

You can move to make the mouth move up and down and it has a spring return. What I love about these things is that so often you go out of the house as a ventriloquist and you’ve got no way to demonstrate your talent. As s a magician you leave the house, wether you are going to an event or family function, a party or you’re going to hang out with some friends or even going out to to a restaurant or to a bar, you’re always have something in your pocket. You got rubber bands or you got cards, you got something in your pocket you can make a miracle happen. Maybe some money magic. You always got something on you to perform something should the need arise.

But what would you have on you if you’re a ventriloquist? You don’t have the ability to have anything on you generally to perform. That’s what I like about these figures, they’re small enough and flat enough for you to literally put in your back pocket or in your front pocket and take it with you. Now, if you’re out and someone says show me some ventriloquism, you’re off into a little routine. You can also perform with these things in a real show.  It packs flat, plays big. Now you’ve got a dummy on you anytime, anywhere with the Palm Puppet.

Just sit it here in the palm of your hand. It also comes with this neat little base that’s slotted that the puppet  just sits right in and it’s a display piece. It looks great on your desk, on a shelf, it just makes it cool statement.

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