Robert McRay, Chance Wolf and Jimmy Vee Collaborate On An Amazing Ventriloquist Dummy Part #1

March 12, 2019

Robert McRay’s BigHEAD ventriloquist figures have been a favorite of mine for years. I love his cartoony style and attention to detail. He really knows how to make a character jump of the stand with his sculptures.

Chance Wolf knows how to paint and mechanize a ventriloquist dummy in a way that makes it come to life and be easy to operate. Silky smooth mechs and beautiful head sticks are a few of the things that make Chance’s figures so amazing.

I think I have an eye for creating fun, extreme and engaging characters concepts, finding costumes and making those ideas materialize by marshaling the talents of artists and brining out their best.

When I had an opportunity to grab an unfinished McRay head I jumped. Robert didn’t feel like this sculpt matched his vision. So when I grabbed it I saw a character in it and put the team together to make it a reality.

This is cool collaboration and it was super fun to work on and very rewarding to be part of. I’m glad this is now in my collection.

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