Jimmy Vee Unboxes Chance Wolf Custom Indian Chief Ventriloquist Dummy

June 14, 2017

Indian Chief Ventriloquist Figure by Chance Wolf

Jimmy Vee here with TheDummyBlog.com. Today I’m unboxing a ventriloquist puppet, a custom Chance Wolf original creation. There’s not many of these babies in the marketplace. I happen to own all but two of them. One is a likeness puppet owned by Darren Carr the other is a fat cat ventriloquist figure owned by Dan Sachoff. I own the other and that’s Skunky Munky. This is the fourth one in existence.  

Chance also made a short run of 3 different characters. I also own all of those. I’m a friend and a fan of his work in both the magic world and his vent stuff.  

So I’m going to unbox it here for you today. I’ve already unboxed the body. These hand and his outfit might giveaway the character here. This is a Native American custom ventriloquist dummy. This outfit I had custom-made for the character. I also have a necklace which is not in yet that I’m going to put put on here to give the chest a little decoration.

But here is the head. I’ve not seen this (just like you) and I’m really excited to see it. Check out Chance’s custom logo on the bottom of the head stick. There’s a W for Wolf and there is a V for Vents. This is a two-tone type of wood inlay. It’s very nice.  You can start to see glimpses of some long black hair coming out.

I’m really excited to open this up and take a look. Here we go! Check out the nice shiny levers! Gotta love the smell of wood and brass in the morning. What I’m really excited about on this figure is that we tried to go really extreme with the paint on this character. We wanted  to really make it feel authentic. You can see the unbelievable war paint that is on the face. Chance applied it in a way that made it look clean yet as if someone had actually done it, like actual make up, and man does that just POP.

The figure has some basic animations it has side-to-side eyes and moving mouth. The teeth are realistic dental teeth and they are beautiful teeth. Chance does this coloring on the lip here and then he breaks up the main tone to create a textured effect and then glosses over it with a clear gloss to give it a wet look.

The dummy also has raising eyebrows. I think that war-paint just really stands out. The war paint design we chose is that of a chief and this guy happens to be a great chief. His name is Chief Bull Sack. The headdress is also hand made and is just beautifully crafted and really give the character that extra realism.

Thanks for watching and hope you enjoyed seeing this amazing ventriloquist figure from my collection.

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